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Round Hole Perforated Metal

Perfoated metal is more easy to get the designed hole shape compared to expanded metal.

Perforated metal required the materials to be hard, so that it be done on punching press.

Perforated Metal Products are commonly used in Industrial, Architectural, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharma, Mining, Petrochemical and other fields.


Perforated metal mesh also known as perforated sheet, punching plates, stamping plate, perforated screen.
Material: Steel, Aluminium,Stainless steel, Bronze, Brass, Titanium, and so on.
Hole shape: round, square, diamond, rectangular perforations, octagonal cane, plum blossom etc, can be made as your design.
Perforation mode: Straight, 45°, 60°staggered pattern, etc.
Surface treatment: PVC/Powder coated, Anodized, Painting, Fluorocarbon spraying, Polishing
Features of Perforated Steel Sheet:
1. Can be painted or polished, powder coated for attractive appearance;
2. Wide range of thicknesses & largest selection of hole size patterns and configurations;
3. Uniform sound abatement;
4. Light weight & Durable, easy to install;
5. Superior abrasion resistance
6. Accuracy of size

Based on these features, Perforated steel sheets are widely used as ceilings, facade cladding, protection fencing, Filtration tubes/screens, Platforms, Stair Railings, etc.