Our Location

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Expanded Metal Workshop

Anping Boang Metal Mesh Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of expanded metal.  We have 8 sets of expanded metal machines: 1 set of 200 tons machine, 1 set of 160 tons machine, 4 sets of 100 tons machine and 2 sets of 63 tons machine. And our machines are all advanced latest hydraulic type machines, which have higher productivity and need less maintanece, so we can finish order quickly and smoothly.

We will clean the workshop everyday to  ensure our workers are working in a relatively tidy environment.  So that the finished expanded metals are also with clean status.

In our workshop, we have point welding equipement, so we also have smoke removal equipment, smoke mask and other safety tools, so our workers are working in a environmetally friendly environment.

Mesh Flattened Workshop

We have 10 sets auxilliary equipment for making the mesh smooth and flattened, including 1 set of big heavy flattened machine, 4 sets of common flattened machines and 5 sets of levelling machines

We also have mesh cutting machines for making smaller sizes or special shapes of expanded metals.

Besides making our own expanded metals flattened, levelled and cut, we also accept orders when other expanded metal factories need same work. 

Factory Equipment

Expanded Metal Making Machines

We now have 8 sets of expanded metal making machines including 260T, 200T, 160T, 100T and 63T. So we can customize different sizes.

Mesh Flattened Machines

They are used to flatten the expanded metal when flattened mesh type are required. We also have heavy type to make very thick sheets flattened.

Mesh Levelling Machines

After the expanded metals come out from the machine,, we will use the levelling machine to make them more flat on surface.

Mesh Cutting Machines

When customer need smaller pieces (below 0.5m x 0.5m) or special shapes (designed form ) of pieces of expanded metals, we will use the machines to get them.