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5 Main Applications of Expanded Metals

If we want to know the applications of expanded metals, we should know what is expanded metals first. Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal which has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (often diamond-shaped) of metal mesh-like material. Expanded metal is a metal made from a single sheet by simultaneous cutting and drawing method, which allows to achieve a good strength and weight ratio.

As the material of expanded metal is very durable and strong, unlike lighter and less expensive wire mesh. The many small openings in the material allow flow through air, water, and light, while still providing a mechanical barrier to larger objects. Before providing the applications of expanded metals, we can conclude the features of the expanded metals as follows:

It allows the passage of air, light and sound.

It has Low relative cost.

It is Anti-slip.

It is Self-cleaning.

It does not accumulate liquids.

It provides security.

Due to the above properties of expanded metals, they have a broad of usages, so 5 main applications of expanded metals are concluded as follows:

  1. Filters, Audio Baffles or Speaker Grills

This application usually adapt to the type with micro holes of expanded metals, which is small openning and light thickness, and the material is usually on the basis of stainless steel, or aluminium steel or copper steel, alloy steel or other high valued materials.

2. Walkway Mesh, Platforms, Ramps, Steps, Racks, Decks or Expanded Metal Gratings

Expanded metal is the perfect material of choice, given its ability to withstand the region’s extreme weather conditions and monsoon season. The anti-slip properties and structural reliability of the mesh help ensure the safety of maintenance staff, helping achieve an accident-free workplace.

For this application of expanded metals, it is ususally made of thicker metal, like 4mm to 7mm, and hole size is usually different from 30mmx75mm to 60mm x 100mm.

3. Dividers or Partitions or Decoration

This application of expanded metals is usually seen in shopping mall, resturant, coffee club or other public places.

4. Fencing or Road Barrier

We can widely seen them on two sides of the roads, highways, schools, 4S Car shops, and many other commercial places.

5. Interior or Exterior Wall Facading and Ceilings

This application is specially designed expanded metal for use in architectural and decorative applications. And they are usually designed with aluminium materials, the aluminium mesh flattened can be used to provide privacy and to control light and air while allowing visibility as sunshade screens, room dividers, and building facades.

Anping Boang Metal Mesh is a professional factory of expanded metals, which can manufacture expanded metals in both standard and special patterns, we would like to keep studying and making more different patterns to suit different requirements, hope that we can get more chances to make our life more beautiful by expanding the metals into your desired shapes. Please contact us https://boaexpandedmetal.com/index.php/contact/


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