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Aluminium Expanded Metal

Aluminium Expanded Metal is also called Louvre Mesh, for its light and beauty.

If you need them in ceilings, facades, grand decoration, aluminium expanded metal is a better choice.

Popular size: 1 M x 2 M, 1.22 M x 2.44 M

Hole size: 10 MM x 20 MM — 80MM x 200 MM

Strand & Thickness: 0.8MM — 4.0 MM


Expanded metal mesh is available in a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. It can be produced in various thicknesses, hole sizes, and patterns to suit different requirements. The material can be further processed to create different finishes, such as powder coating, anodizing, or galvanizing, to enhance its durability and corrosion resistance. And Aluminium expanded metal is one of the popular types among them.

Aluminium Expanded Metal is now very popular in building decoration purpose now, with their advantage of light, beautiful, economical and easy for installation, and its function of fire control and ventilation is the most popular reason in shopping malls, office buildings and other public buildings.

Because the aluminium material is quite light, it is friendly for machines, and easier and quicker to make same size expanded metals when it is alumnium materials. But because they are usally coated into different colors, which requires the worker to do more careful work when manufacture them, if the surface got too much machine oil, the mesh will not be coated well. So aluminium expanded metal has higher demand on the skills of the worker.

Materials: Our aluminium expanded metals are manufactured using high quality commercial grade aluminium sheets (Grade AA1100-H14) 99% pure aluminium.

The surface treatment of Aluminium expanded metal including:                                                                                                                              aluminium expanded metal for grand decoration

1) Powder coated



4)No coating is also required by some requirements.


It is widely used in everything: Filters baskets, Air filtration units, Medicine, Machine guards, Animal cages, the protecting of electrical equipment window, Safety door &window, room dividers, Decorative celling, Highway fence, civil building. Concreter in for cement, Walkway , Anti-dazzle panels, Plaster trims, Fan covers.

Sheet Tolerance:

Reference to sheet size, strand width, thickness and weight are approximate only. Whilst every effort is made for these figures to be accurate, expanded metal manufactured and supplied are subject to our standard tolerances. We therefore reserve the right to alter specififications without notice.

  • Sheet width: +/- 1mm
  • Sheet length: within 3mm
  • Short Way of Opening (SWO): +/-3mm
  • Long Way of Opening (LWO): +/-3mm

A brief introduction of aluminium expanded metal by table:

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh
Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel,. Copper, Alloy Metal
0.5mm to 10mm
Hole size
10*20mm: 12*25mm, 15*30mm, 40*80mm, 35*70mm. 35*120mm, etc.
Hole shape
Su-shaped, hexagonal, round, triangular, fish-scale hole, etc
Sheet Size
1x2m 2x4m 4ftx8ft or customized size
High corrosion resistance, Light-weight, Long-use life.
Decorations, Guarding Fence,  indoor ceiling decorative mesh and the outdoor curtain plate.

Order Procedure

When ordering Aluminium Expanded Metals, please give complete profile specififications to avoid possible error. When ordering please state:

1. Type of material  (Steel (M/S), Galvanised Steel (GI), Stainless Steel (SS), Aluminium (A) etc.)                                                                                                  different hole styles for aluminium expanded metal

2.Sheet Size (Width and Length)

3. Mesh reference (short way distance and long way distance)

4. Strand size ( strand width and strand thickness, if no idea about this, weight is also a useful information)

5. Finish (untreated, galvanised or powder-coated etc)

6. Quantity of sheets

7. If no information about raised mesh or flattened mesh, then according to raised size.

We can see the aluminium expanded metals everywhere for wall facadings, ceilings, shop decorations, hotel and club front, so the sizes are variable according to different requirements. As we are a factory, and we have lots of experience to fit different requirements, please just tell us where you will use them, then we can give you suggestions and budgets.