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Walkway Mesh Expanded Metal Gratings

Walkway Mesh Expanded Metals is usually seen when they are used as stair treads, factory platforms, drain gratings, barriers, safety guards, and other security applications.

It is ususally made of thicker metal, like 4mm to 7mm, and hole size is usually different from 30mmx75mm to 60mm x 100mm.

You don’t need to design special hole shape for this purpose, unless the usage is very special, becasue walkway mesh pay more attention to the loading force, rather than the beauty.

For economical choice, you can use black sheet to get the walkway mesh, and they are used in extreme weather,you can choose hot dipped galvanized walkway mesh expanded metal or stainless steel type.



We can say the walkway mesh expanded metal is a best choice for anti-slip and resilient in all types of weather.


Expanded metal is the perfect material of choice, given its ability to withstand the region’s extreme weather conditions and monsoon season. The anti-slip properties and structural reliability of the mesh help ensure the safety of maintenance staff, helping achieve an accident-free workplace.

Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh provides a cost effective, strong and non slip solution for all types of stair treads, gantries and walkways. Expanded Metal  walkway metal mesh has a greater strength to weight ratio than solid sheet steel. Uncut knuckles of expanded mesh are stronger than welds or joints and the truss like formation of the mesh ensures that every strand performs like a structural member and distributes the load over a wide area. Open mesh allows the easy passage of light and air and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Water and oil drain off, snow and ice will break off easily ensuring walkways are safer under foot.


It is made of thicker metal, so it requires a heavy press machine to work on them.

We will choose materials from big steel factory to make the walkway mesh expanded metal to ensure the quality and the load force.

Inspection before loading is essential for every order, no big or small.

Good service before sales and after-sales are both available whenever you need response.

Our heavy duty expanded walkway mesh are suitable for access walkways, bridges, gantry platforms, trailer ramps and wheelchair ramps.


Popular Size:

We have the TYPE, which has a small apeture so is suitable where there is a risk of items dropping through such as gantrys.

We also have the TYPE, which has a larger apeture which gives better visibilty through the mesh.

Both meshes are raised to give better grip, supplied in mild steel ready for fabrication, the expanded mesh panels will need galvanising before exposure to the elements.

SW25mm X LW 50mm XSTRAND 6.1mm X4.5MM   For mild steel 2440mmx1220mm
SW36mm X LW 120mm XSTRAND 6.5mm X4.5MM   For mild steel 2440mmx1220mm
Other size can also be customized