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Customized Hole Expanded Metal

Customized expanded metal is ususally designed by special hole shapes.

The popular type is the shapes designed by crossed ovals, which is a choice for decoration or fencing.

People need them to be galvanized and powder coated on surface treatment.

The popular size for sheets is 4’x8′ and size for rolls is 4’x 32′

Customized expanded metal is widely used in places including the protection of machinery equipment, handicraft manufacturing, heavy machinery, Fencing, Railing, shelves, work platforms, walkways, ships as well as other areas.


when people say expanded metals, it may refer to diamond hole shape,  and the diamond hole shape is very popular in the field of expanded metals.

With the development of this products, there are more and more different hole shapes to fulfill different requirements for decoration purpose.

The production process of the special hole expanded metal also comes out the streching of sheets on expanded metal machine, but it is made with special moulds.

The customized hole shape expanded metal are often used for decorative purpose, and the ideas and thoughts of differnt designs of hole usually come out from a designer or building artist.

If you can provide the drawings of the special hole, we can make the exact same products. Or if you can provide the full detail size, we can make them according to your exact data.

We pay more attention on the quality. No sharp ends, No breaks, and do only exactly what you need!

We  have strictly quality inspection rule, from material to end product, inspect during each produce process to ensure perfect product.

We provide 1.2m, 1.5m height standard expanded metal mesh rolls. And also provide custom size cutting.

Both rolls & sheets can be made, and any metal materials will be accepted.