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Is Hexagonal Expanded Metal a special type of Diamond Hole Expanded Metal?

At beginning, when we say expanded metals, we may think of the hole to be diamond hole shapes. And with the popularization and application of the expanded metals, there are more and more designs on the hole shapes to make the expanded metals more versatile to choose. Hexagonal hole becomes a special type of diamond holes, and also a popular choice among various hole shapes of expanded metals.

Description of Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Hexagonal expanded metal features hexagonally shaped holes, and as such has larger open areas, usually around 80%. In fact, this expanded metal has the highest open area percentage among expanded metals, but maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio – the hexagonal pattern offers higher strength than the diamond pattern.

Hexagonal Expanded Metal allows air, sound, light and heat to pass through. It is widely used for architectural applications especially for building facade, interior ceiling panels,sunscreen, sunshades etc.

description of hexagonal expanded metal

Materials of Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Anping Boang Metal Mesh produces metal made using a number of different materials, including stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminum steel and copper steels.

Sizes of Hexagonal Expanded Metal

Anping Boang Metal Mesh can produce expanded metal from 0.039” to 6.00” LWO, in several different thicknesses, and in sheet sizes ranging from 4’-8’ wide and 4’-10’ long.

Hexagonal expanded metal in light meshes (3/16” to 1/2” SWO) are used for light-duty applications such as diffusers, filters, screens, and machine guards. Intermediate meshes (1/2” to 3/4” SWO) are most often used for chimney caps, lockers, vents, patio furniture, and grilles.

Hexagonal expanded metal in heavier and larger mesh patterns (3/4” to 1 1/2” SWO) are used for recreational facilities, security fencing, machine guards, heavy-duty shelving, ramps, and catwalks.

Hexagonal expanded metal is high resistant type of expanded metal. Particularly suitable for walkways or where strength is a must.

Very mostly produced hole size is 45mm x 13mm, and strand width is 3mm x 5mm

Another popular used hole size is 25mm x 40mm, and strand width is 3mm x 9mm

Features of Hexagonal Expanded Metal:

Expanded metal sheet with hexagonal holes is especially appealing for its design. Hexagonal holes are arranged in a staggered pattern so that the midsection of one hole is in line with the top edge of the adjacent hole. So it has so many advantages:

– Beautiful appearance

– Light weight and easy installation

– Sturdy and durable

– Corrosion resistance and long life-time.

– Various color and material available

Application of Hexagonal Expanded Metal:

It is often used for fence panels, but can also be applied as an effective architectural element. In smaller sheet thickness, its fabrication can be adjusted to suit the specific needs. The thicker sheets of expanded metal can be used for walking surfaces. Thanks to the shape and size of mesh and the material thickness, expanded metal with hexagonal holes is friendly to narrow heels of ladies footwear. As it prevents women’s high heels from getting stuck in it. This material is often used in architectural load-bearing applications, including facades, roofs, fences, steps, walkways, placards, and many other applications as belows:

– Interior ceiling

– Sunshade screens

– Buliding Cladding Panels

– Building Curtain wall panel

– Balustrade

– Enclosures

– Louvers

Anping Boang Metal Mesh is a professional factory of expanded metals, which can manufacture expanded metals in both standard and special patterns, we would like to keep studying and making more different patterns to suit different requirements, hope that we can get more chances to make our life more beautiful by expanding the metals into your desired shapes. Please contact us https://boaexpandedmetal.com/index.php/contact/


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