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Why people prefer to use expanded metals as walkway mesh?

The reason why people prefer to use expanded metals as walkway mesh is that heavy duty expanded metals are the most economical solution for such kind of application, including walkway mesh, stairs, ramps, platforms, floorings, treads, mezzanines, garage entrance, crushing, screening facilities, cement industry, shipping, railing on overpasses , construction industry, sports facilities and other industrial, commerical and residential places.

The expanded metals are so widely used as walkway mesh, and there are also different types of materials available and suitable for people to choose according to budget and environment, including low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and the most widely used material is the low carbon steel material, and most people will make them hot dipped galvanized for longer lifetime.

Because expanded metal is one continuous single sheet of mesh produced when a flat metal plate is sheared and stretched and an intact left at the knuckles, so it is very durable and flexible to be used as walkway mesh and gratings. It is available in a variety of thicknesses with differing sizes and designs of the apertures. The strands and knuckles are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet. This adds strength and rigidity and distributes the load to the supporting frames. Because there are no welds or joins it operates as a structural member that distributes loads evenly over a wide area. It provides an excellent anti-slip surface making it suitable for ramps, platforms and stair treads. The open nature of the expanded metal provides good visibility through the mesh as well as the easy passage of air and sound whilst ensuring security and protection. So when it comes to walkway mesh, people may think of expanded metals.

When we say expanded metal walkway mesh, we may think it thickness from 4mm to 7mm thickness and the standard hole shape and hole direction, but sometimes, people need different types.

There are some common used sizes, which are widely used as expanded metal walkway mesh:

1)5mm thickness x 45mm x135mm

2) 5.5mm thickness x 30mm x 75mm

3) 7.0mm thickness x 60mm x 100mm

The common width of the sheet is from 0.5m to 1.5m

The common length of the sheet is from 2.0m to 4.0m

Other different sizes can also be customized

When we install the expanded metal walkway mesh, there is also strict precedures (the way is from internet, just for your reference, and it is mainly for installation the expanded metal walway mesh when they are used on platform, stair treads and ladder rungs) :

  • For maximum load, position long way of design parallel to the clear span. LWD must be installed parallel to span. Butt or overlap one half of design. No increase in overall thickness.
  • Bolt or welded every 6 inches or every fourth design to rigid supports.
  • Install with straight edge up (top-straight edge, bottom-rounded edge). Bonds of adjoining should shape in same direction and align with adjoining pieces.

Just like the common expanded metals, when they are used walkway mesh, there are also raised type and flattened type, raised type can be anti-slipped, and flattened type can be used as seperation and decoration purpose.

On the hole shapes, you also can choose other types besides the diamond shape, the second popular type is the hexagonal hole shape, and you also can design other style you like.

As a professional manufacturer of expanded metals, we have made lots of walkway mesh for customers from USA, Saudi Arabic, Mexico, Philiphines, African countries and other countries. When you need any standard or customized sizes, you can feel free to contact us, we can suggest sizes if you have no idea about it on the basis of your usage, and we also can make strictly designed products when you have exact drawings. Your trust will bring you both happiness and benefit, and both of us need a chance, isn’t it?https://boaexpandedmetal.com/index.php/contact/


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