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Can You List 5 Packages for Expanded Metal Mesh?

All goods need packages, especially for goods that need to be sent to faraway places after long days. As expanded metal mesh is made of steel materials, long time stock in humid weather and transportation on sea may cause rust and broken, so we shall make a suitable package for expanded metal mesh.

Package is essential during transportation, and cost is also an element we need to consider, and after working so many years in this field, we can conclude 5 packages for expanded metal mesh as follows:

1.In bulk package for expanded metal mesh This package is suitable for customers who don’t need to pay high salary for labors, and who is sensitive on prices, and this package is usually used when the quantity is enough for full container or can be mixed loading with other goods in same container

2. Metal pallet package for expanded metal mesh This package is used for customers who required unloading easily and efficiently, which is the most popular package way.

3. Metal pallet with water-proof paper package for expanded metal This package is used when the goods are easily gotten wet and rusted, and also used when the goods need to be labelled and branded outside.

4. Wooden pallet package for expanded metal mesh This package is used very less for transportation because the logistic companies will required the wooden pallet to be fumigated before loading, and Non-fumigation wooden pallet shall be found. But there is still requirement from customers by some reasons.

5. Pallets or no pallets with safety way on four sides to avoid being hurt by corners. This package is a careful way to protect the people who do loading and unloading, and a little expensive way to guarantee safety.

There are still other packages for expanded metal mesh, no matter which way we use, that is about safety and cost, we will do as best as possible to meet different requirements from different customers. Nothing can be beaten after effective communications. You tell and we do, we ask and you explain, then everything will be clear and results will benefit both of us.

Anping Boang Metal Mesh is a professional factory of expanded metals, which can manufacture expanded metals in both standard and special patterns, we would like to keep studying and making more different patterns to suit different requirements, hope that we can get more chances to make our life more beautiful by expanding the metals into your desired shapes. Please contact us https://boaexpandedmetal.com/index.php/contact/


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