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3 Advantages on The Diamond Mesh Expanded Metals over Chain Link Mesh

As we all know, the diamond mesh expanded metals is one of the most popular types among the different types of expanded metals on hole shapes. And it is also a standard hole type when we say expanded metals. When people say diamond mesh, someone means expanded metals, while someone means chain link mesh. They may look similar, yet their characteristics are quite different. And it is also a long battle to make difference on them. Compared both types, there are 3 advantages on the diamond mesh expanded metals over the chain link mesh.

Before introduction of the 3 advantages on the diamond mesh expanded metals over the chain link mesh, we should first know what is diamond mesh expanded metal and what is chain link mesh.

Diamond mesh expanded metals are made from steel sheets or coils, these metals have been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern of a metal mesh-like material. These patterns vary. However, one of the most popular patterns is diamond-shaped pattern that looks like chain link mesh, which is called diamond mesh expanded metal.

Chain link mesh is different from diamond mesh expanded metals, they are made of steel wires, and these wires run vertically and are bent into a zigzag pattern so that each “zig” hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each “zag” with the wire immediately on the other. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern.

After getting to know the defination of diamond mesh expanded metals and chain link mesh, we can see the difference between them.

The difference between diamond mesh expanded metal and chain link mesh


Due to the manufacturing process, diamond mesh expanded metal are much stronger than the chain link mesh. Thus, making expanded metal is a stronger and sturdier option. 

Chain link mesh is also strong and resilient thanks to being galvanized and/or plastic coated. However, it is much easier to damage chain link mesh than it would be expanded metal sheets.


Both provide high security. However, as mentioned, it is easier to break chain link mesh with proper tools than diamond mesh expanded metal. Additionally, depending on the cut/pattern size of the diamond mesh expanded metal, it is typically much harder to climb over as the pattern does not allow you to grab onto or have a place to set your foot on when trying to trespass.


Diamond mesh expanded metal can provide higher privacy due to the possibility to have different angles of the diamond-shaped pattern alongside a smaller diamond size (altering what will be visible to the viewer).


Chain link mesh is a cheaper alternative compared to diamond mesh expanded metal. Hence, it may be a little more budget-friendly, which may play a significant role if you have a large fencing project.


Both two styles can look similar.

After getting to know all the defination and characters of both diamond mesh expanded metals and chain link mesh, we can see the three advantages of diamond mesh expanded metals over chain link mesh.

1. Diamond mesh expanded metal is stronger

Simply hold a piece of chain link mesh in one hand and diamond mesh expanded metal in the other. There is no comparison. Expanded metal will not bend. It is rigid and solid with no welds that will weaken or twists that can come undone. With expanded metal you have deterred attack.

2.Diamond mesh expanded metal is extremely more difficult to cut

Go ahead and take a pair of bolt cutters to chain link mesh. Then, try the same thing with expanded metal. The chain link mesh will cut easily and then begin to unravel. You likely can’t even get the bolt cutter to grab on enough metal to get through the expanded metal. With expanded metal you have denied access.

3.Diamond mesh expanded metal is even more difficult to climb

The smaller the mesh – or opening size of the diamonds – the more difficult a fence is to climb. Most standard chain link fence wire measures approximately 2 inches across. Compare that with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ measurement on expanded metal. Steel picket and aluminum fence also do not guard against climbing. With expanded metal, there is no way to get a toehold for climbing or even a strong finger hold. Intruders are delayed by expanded metal.

Take a look at the chart below to discover how expanded metal compares to chain link mesh

There will still other advantages for diamond mesh expand metals, which I didn’t talk about, and you are welcome to add all of them.
different types of expanded metal

However, different products can meet different requirements, Hence, it will come down to an individual taste and preference. No matter you need diamond mesh expanded metal or chain link mesh, you can come to Anping Boang Metal Mesh Co., Ltd.

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