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Will that be a complex job if we need special size expanded metal?

Expanded Metal is widely used in present times, because expanded metal is stronger than an equivalent weight of wire mesh such as chain link fence, as the material is flattened, allowing the metal to stay in one piece. The other benefit to expanded metal is that the metal is never completely cut and reconnected, allowing the material to retain its strength.

So People will prefer to choose expanded metal when they have some requirements for industrial, commercial or home decoration purpose. Then some people will wonder will that be a complex job if we need that special size expanded metal? Will that make the expanded metal sold by very costly cost?

The answer is no, absolutely no ! We don’t make the special size directly from the expanded metal machines, we will still make the standard suitable size from the expanded metal machines, then we will have to use mesh cutting machine to get the size we need, whether we need them into circle shapes, or triangle shapes, or any irregular shapes, the mesh cutting machine can finish those work all.

Freshly-cut expanded metal has a large number of exposed sharp edges, requiring caution and protective clothing, such as leather gloves and aprons to prevent skin abrasions and cuts. So people will make them framed by angle bars or square pipes and get a special size expanded metal to meet their requirement.

And when people required irrgular shapes for expanded metals, most of them will be used for decorative purpose, so they will also need to be powder coated into different colors after they are cut into desired shapes, and finally, the expanded metal maybe changed to a piece of art by imagination. It is like that we get time to witness the miraces.

We are a professional factory of expanded metals, so we can provide endless choices for your select on the size and shape of the expanded metals, we are sincere and reliable and waiting for your chance at any time.


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