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How to distinguish whether a company is a trading company or a factory?

When you need import something from foreign countries, you must start from searching online, then make comparison after choosing 2 or 3 or more contact on the basis of their price, pictures, response time and others. The next step is making order after checking the payment terms, delivery time, after-sales service, plant capacity and other items you pay attention to. If your order is small quantity and you don’t need them many times, you may make order on the company you have good feelings by chatting from chat apps or video calls. However, when your order is very serious with big money, and you need only factory to work with you to make sure each step of production is under your requirements, how can you distinguish whether the company is a trading company or a factory?

As we all know, we can’t say trading company is bad, and factory is good, both trading company and factory have their own advantages and disadvantages, we need only who can help us solve our problems and make us benefited.

As to trading companies, they are very common during the business, they are the intermediary part between factories and customers, they don’t own factory and products, what they provide is service. They help customers to save time and energy to look for a reliable factory, and take a certain risk on payment from customers and some uncertain risks during business, they also need to pay for their office things (like staff training, products learning, factory test, and so on) They don’t make goods, but they make values. Of course, goods from trading company maybe a little expensive.

As to factory, they are direct manufacturers of goods, they are dedicated to making goods with better quality required size. They have machines and equipments so they know technique and they can make customized sizes. Price from factory must be much cheaper, but the MOQ from factory is usually not small if the size is very special.

Nowadays, it is a time of information, it is not difficult to distinguish whether a company is a trading company or a factory, we can search related news by google according to their mobile phone number, email iddress, company name, company address and any news will be useful. If you still can’t confirm this information after doing many research, you can see from their website. If their products category is vary, they must be a trading company. Because a factory usually can only do one category or 2-3 similar categories for bigger factory. If they don’t have a website or product catalogue, you can make an inquiry on a similar product to check their price and their words, then you will have an answer.

In the last years, we can say a trading company is experienced for exporting formalities and they are good at English and communication. But now, many factories also have foreign trade department, and they keep learning and getting trained, so language and exporting experience is not a unique advantage for trading company any longer. With the competition between all walks of life, the trading companies also get their own ways to take the challenge, they get more time to travel abroad to visit customers and earn trust, they rent warehouses to stock goods for emergencies.

In a word, it is not a big deal whether your cooperative company is a trading company or a direct factory if there is not a strict requirement, who can help you sell more goods and get more benefit will be a best partner. Everyone is learning and getting progress to meet different requirements, what you need to think is who can help you.

Back to us, we are a factory, and we have company named Anping Boang Metal Mesh Co., Ltd, we specilaized in making different metal materials and sizes of expanded metal mesh, we can say we are an authentic factory, but when customers required perforated metals, gratings, or other metal mesh products, we are also glad to offer, and we are also confident on them, just like we trust our own made mesh, because we have integrity on each offer we provide to our customers.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to contact us when you need any size of our products.



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